Stampede Makers #4: From Uncertainty to Validated Confidence in 5 Days

Design Sprints have been rumoured to be magical workshops in Middle Earth where product stakeholders of different stripes, we’re talking elves, dwarves and humans, here, lock themselves in a room full of whiteboards for 5 days then emerge with a solution to a tough business question amidst a flurry of sticky notes. Though the part about magic is just a myth but the rest of it (including how orcs used it for weapon production) is as real as it gets.

This 19th October, 9.30am at WORQ at KL Gateway Mall, Stampede Makers #4: Design Sprints: From Uncertainty to Validated Confidence in 5 Days join us as we explore Design Sprints in two parts:

The Talk & Networking (10am - 12.30pm)

Shaza Hakim, UX Principal at Stampede, will be your proverbial Gandalf the Grey and walk you through what a Design Sprint is and share how and when you should use it to answer critical business conundrums, reduce uncertainty in your product development and give you clarity on how to move forward. Besides debunking a couple of myths like needing to be a designer or developer to participate, we’ll also cover how sprints tackle other nitty gritty issues like assembling the right sprint team (the Fellowship of the Ring), taking smart risks with product decisions (trusting Gollum), marshalling brains towards answering sprint questions (Rohirrim!) and reducing guesswork early so that you can build and launch faster with confidence (using Great Eagles). Bonus: Our Inspiration Wall will be making a cameo.

The Workshop (12.30 - 5pm)

In the afternoon, prepare to get your hands dirty with Shaza and the Stampede team as they guide you through the key activities in a Design Sprint, from understanding your users and their needs to getting your key stakeholders excited by putting a solid prototype in the user's hands in 5 days time. This is a participatory workshop so keep your energy high and your mind open to collaboration and possibilities! Lembas bread, we mean, a light lunch will be provided.

The workshop will cover the highlights of each of the 5 Design Sprint days and involve hands-on activities with:

  • Pre-sprint priming
  • Journey mapping
  • Turning pain points into opportunities
  • Solutions sketching
  • Prototyping demo
  • Usability testing

What takeaways will you get from the workshop?

  • A real life, highly-immersive experience running a Design Sprint
  • Knowing critical components of Design Sprint, how to run them together or individually (yes we can!)
  • Practical understanding of what makes Sprints a low risk, high reward method
  • Increasing Design Sprint success through pre-Sprint activities
  • Tips to change the way you look at products as evolving instead of finished
  • Ways to get buy-in from your team to start your own Design Sprint
  • Real tips from the team that has run Design Sprints many many times There and Back Again.

This meetup and workshop are for you if you’re asking these questions:

  • What is a Design Sprint and what outcomes does it deliver for my team?
  • How do I reduce risk when building products and services?
  • How do I know if people will use my product/feature before investing in building it?
  • How and when should I use a Design Sprint?
  • How do I get stakeholders to okay this?
  • How do I go from uncertainty about a product to a testable solution without wasting time and money?

Who this event is for:

  • People interested in reducing design and product uncertainty
  • People who want to know what a Design Sprint is and when to use it
  • Product, UX and UI Designers
  • People from traditional businesses and corporates looking to learn more about digital product development
  • People in the startup and tech industry who have one shot to get it right


9.30 - 10am - Registration and Sticky Things!
10 - 11am - The Talk, Shaza Hakim
11am - 11.15 am - Q&A
11.15am - 12.30pm - Networking
12.30pm - 5.00pm - The Workshop


Shaza Hakim - Co-founder and UX Principal, Stampede
Shaza is a Co-Founder and the UX Principal of Stampede. She leads the UX and creative process by practising design at the intersection of business and technology. A firm believer of design as problem-solving tool for business, Shaza has over 13 years of experience with helping businesses solve difficult problems with their digital products and has coached UX practitioners at startup and enterprise level. Her design process is shaped by curiosity, backed by data and driven by a desire to understand the user at the end of the service design spectrum.


About WORQ
WORQ is more than a workspace, it is a community where individuals achieve greater results through sharing of experiences and helping one another. It is a coworking space for networking and collaborating with individuals from different backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, investors, MNCs, government agencies, NGOs, digital marketers, programmers, creatives, and many more!

About Stampede Makers
Stampede Makers is a bi-monthly meetup session hosted by designers at Stampede for our fellow designers in the community featuring accomplished designers across different specialties and industries. The meetups are focused on helping designers acquire technical skills as well as providing insight into navigating the ups and downs of a design career without losing enthusiasm.

Founded in 2006, Stampede is a user experience and digital product development agency in Malaysia. We design user-centred experience and build digital products for clients all over the world.

Sat Oct 19, 2019
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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The Talk (Early Bird) (9.30am - 12.30pm) SOLD OUT RM10.00
The Talk (Standard) (9.30am - 12.30pm) SOLD OUT RM25.00
Venue Address
Gateway Mall, No 2, Unit 3.07, Level 3, KL Gateway Mall, Jalan Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Stampede Makers

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